Give a bed for christmas – appeal for the homeless


Hull Homeless and Rootless is a Hull Charity that provides emergency accommodation for people that are currently homeless in Hull. Dock House re-opened on December 2 ready for the cold, dark winter nights, and has enough funding for twelve weeks.

The people that arrive at our door have one alternative to the shelter: to sleep on the streets for that night. They face extremes of weather in hand-made shelters, which may be the clothes they stand in and a few cardboard boxes. Our shelter offers them a warm, safe place where they can get a hot meal, a shower, a bed and access to support services.

Thank you for re-opening the shelter. Tonight I have a warm bed and somewhere to be safe.

- Walter, Resident

Help us help those people without a home and Buy a Bed for Christmas with a donation of £115 will buy a bed for a week. Any donation big or small makes a difference. For the price of a Christmas present you can give a bed and safety to a homeless person.

Please donate here via paypal.

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